Natural Damage Home Reconstruction Services


Due to time change and change of climate or due to earthquake, the structure of building gets damage and cracks comes over. We provide Reconstruction services and repair your house.


As per need and requirement, we provide a typical arrangement of different types of work use for your Reconstruction.

Reconstruction & Repair

Need disaster reconstruction services?  We’re ready for a 24-hour emergency service with a fast response team to get your damage reconstruction process started immediately.

Reconstruction and repair of buildings are getting more and more demanding on a repairing-construction market. Our company is ready to offer you a reconstruction of any type of building or premises regardless of its initial functionality and level depreciation.

We completely change the building which leads to a whole new look, improved performance characteristics that are required depending on a specific type of activity. In addition to changing external and internal appearance, we can offer a change in its intended users such as: from manufacturing into an office or from the warehouse into shopping and so on. Reconstruction services from our company guarantee high technical and economic parameters of modified buildings.

We guarantee the reconstruction of buildings, structures, and premises in compliance with the developed project and give you an opportunity for surveillance of works conducted.

The main types of work required during the conversion of facilities are:

  • general construction and finishing work
  • replacement of water supply, sewerage, and heating system
  • electrical and illumination
  • installation of ventilation and air conditioning
  • installation of the fire safety system
  • installation of structured cable systems and access system
  • facade works
  • roofing works
  • installation of translucent structures

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