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The Tara Architecture & Construction Company

We are a dynamic design team that specializes in housing Planning, Structure analysis, and constructing new builds. We also have experience in master planning, apartment developments, and industrial building development.

We have been on this journey not only with our clients but also with our own self-build. We understand the process for the Required Consents, but more than that we want to create a building that you love! You might have a view you want to wake up to, a quiet area you need to work in, or  space for the family to relax and unwind.


Worlds of innovation

We understand that each of our clients has unique requirements and aspirations. We offer a personalized service to create spaces and buildings that delight and add value. We offer a 3D service from modal concept options to full planning permission and visualization on site.

Time is money

We are a dynamic design team with a wide client base, gained predominantly through recommendations from previous customers and local builders. We deliver stylish concepts on time and on budget whilst meeting designer briefs and exceeding client expectations.

Location is everything

Tara Architecture & Construction, Chitragupta Nagar Khagaria, (Ward no -15) Bihar  (India)

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