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Blueprint architect

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Mention below items is provided in your Blueprint paper.

  1. 3D View
  2. Layout plan
  3. Plinth plan
  4. Floor plan
  5. Tarrice plan
  6. Elevation
  7. Section
  8. Stair details
  9. Location plan
  10. Soak pit and septic tank details
  11. Foundation & Reinforcement details
  12. Water harvesting
  13. Solar energy (Comming soon).
  14. client specification.

As per requirement we provide much more details of the project and for more clear vision at the time of construction.

Some time in rural area measurement are taken into feet or inch hence, the plan or elevation details can be provided as per client requirement.


A 3D view can be provided in your blueprint paper where you visualize your house look after construction.

For advance, feater chose our 3D Model services where you walk through your whole house &  also proceed for advanced design like interior & exterior design with house colour combination in its final step.


The layout plan gives you the centre dimension and to get accurate measurement our dimension is provided in the architecture mode. Layout charge is provided in the Rate menu and additional visiting charge are also mention with clear details.


The floor plan is what most people are familiar with when they are designing a home. It has the layout of the exterior and interior walls. The floor plan blueprints also need to include the dimensions for walls, rooms, wall thickness, windows and doors, kitchen and bath layouts, electrical and plumbing layouts, stairs, ceilings, and flooring. The main floor plan is an architectural blueprint of a top view that looks down on the home. You can see entryways, doors, and walls. There needs to be a one-floor plan for each level, and that includes the basement and attic space. These floor plans usually have floor joist placement and roof truss placement. The spacing measurements, nailing schedule, and beam schedule are usually included in this part of the plans.


This part of the plans helps the inspectors understand the height of the outside of the house. It also shows the shape and size of windows, doors, trim, roof material and slope, and anything else that can help describe the outside building designs of the house.


This blueprint shows how the foundation should be built according to the information from the soil sample. It shows how deep into the ground the footings will go and it gives the dimensions of the footings. It also shows the dimensions of the foundation wall and any columns or blocks used in the foundation. It also needs to show things like any vent locations in the foundation walls. The foundation plan includes details like frost levels, and slope or grade levels when necessary.


According to your land location and soil condition,  we provide Reinforcement details  & which type of footing is required for your G+3 or G+4 Design.

For high rise building, chose our Advance Structure services (Robot Structure Analysis) which give data for accurate reinforcement used in  Foundation, Column, Beam, Roof slab, Stair design and its thickness and another standard size which satisfied SLS & ULS design.


The stair is a complicated part hence we provide a clean paper of stair details and its all kinds of dimension like riser & trade dimension total no of steps, landing details with vertical and horizontal all dimension are provided which are used during construction work.

User can choose a lot of stair design type like dog leg, spiral, stair with lift case etc.


Water Harvesting is a system design to increase the underground water, from rainwater. As you know water is life kindly request to make one step toward your life.

We provide different types of water harvesting which is suitable for your site and must be pocket friendely.


A GPS graph is provided for your land site location and all kinds of details are provided in your Blueprint.


Details of the soak pit, septic tank & your water pump can be provided in this corner according to no of user and your house floor design.


All kinds of details which is useful for Blueprint paper are provided in the client detail corner section.


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